Umbria 2020

When we think of Umbria we think of the Italian word ombra. Shadow. One of Italy’s smallest regions, Umbria lies in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbor, Tuscany. The many Umbrian hills and mountains cast long dark shadows over river valleys which are already darkened by lush chestnut groves and elm forests. This beautiful region is a land whose rolling hills are dotted with castles, fortresses, olive groves and vineyards, whose well-preserved hill towns produce world-renowned handmade ceramics, whose valleys are laced with countless gleaming rivers and host Italy’s largest lake. In Umbria, halfway up the slopes of Monte Fumaiolo, a trickle seeps out of the ground and wanders southward, gaining breadth and notoriety to become Rome’s mighty Tiber. Any traveler who goes from Florence to Rome by land passes through the Tiber Valley, whose Umbrian locales include such towns as Assisi, Spoleto and Orvieto.

Here is your chance for an unforgettable culinary tour of this unique region of Italy.

We will visit excellent, traditional Umbrian restaurants, and at our meals together you will enjoy specialties made from local, fresh, in-season ingredients and local wine pairings.

Behind the scenes visits to small scale farms and food makers will give you an intimate look at local cuisine and artistry. We will visit truffle hunters, olive oil producers, wine makers and more.

One day we will accompany a professional chef on a trip to the market, followed by a hands-on cooking class with him as we prepare a multi-course traditional Umbrian meal together.

Our tour includes private bus transportation, luxury 4-star hotel stays, tours of Umbria, gourmet meals and the chance to experience the cuisine of this unique Italian region and go behind the scenes to see and taste the foods of Umbria at the source.